Your Most Powerful Magic Is Key To Your 6 Figure Mystic Business


You should never have to choose between being a mystic or a successful business owner. 

In fact, your most powerful magic is THE key to your 6 figure music business. 

Your most powerful magic is sheer divine truth streaming through you. Nothing is more powerful than that, and nothing is more coded for abundance than that.

It’s the TRUE you, empty of human concerns. The REAL you as a god creator.

Any attempt to hold yourself back - to be more approvalable and relatable, to be normal, to better fit in, and to play by the rules - will smother your magic so all you get are weak fizzles. 

Your most powerful magic is TRUTH and FREEDOM and WILD JOY. It's unshakeable confidence and just BEING with everything you have in you. 

It’s all coming out in a big beautiful stream of sheer mystical, powerful, gorgeous YOU. 

There is no greater luxury than this. 

And it’s your key to creating a 6 figure mystic because you’ll be setting yourself completely FREE instead of trying to stuff yourself into small boxes that will never fit. 

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Hello there, 

I'm Gitte Lassen.

For 3 decades I struggled to create a money overflow as a spiritual entrepreneur and coach. Often I was living below the poverty line but then sometimes, for no reasons I could see, I'd have a month where clients and money just came pouring in, or even a year. 

It's not strategy and it's not tactics. It's not mindset. It's not healing my money wounds. And it's not law of attraction either. I'm sure you've tried #allthethings too. 

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