There's A Better Way


You’ve been told a bunch of lies of what it takes to create a successful business. 

Some of those lies you’ve been told by me. 

Or maybe not lies, since they are true from the limited human perspective. 


Human is not all you are. 

You are spirit, you are god. 

You don’t have to live as a human. 

You don’t have to do business as a human. 

You don’t have to pretend to be only human. 

Because the truth is, you are god and you have unlimited creation and manifestation ability.

Live as the god you are and not a human and watch how everything - clients, money, experiences, opportunities - come to you.

You don’t have to make them happen. 

You can LET them happen. 

Join Alessandra and I, as we talk about this new way of doing business (read: being and living). 

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That’s the question, isn’t it?

Your human self, your ego, you fear, insists that you have to MAKE it happen because that’s the only way to ensure you avoid disaster and the only way to get what you want. 

Your divine giant Genius self, on the other hand, knows that there is nothing to make happen, there is nothing to change in order to get, because you already have everything and you just need to be an empty receptacle to everything magical and good to come to you. 

You just need to get out of your own way and LET it happen. 

To MAKE happen means you’re the sole creator - and your ego likes that. It really really really likes being in control of everything. It loves the illusion of being the master of the universe.

To LET happen means you co-create with the Divine Source - and your ego hates it because it’s a state of devotion to something it can’t control, aka your Source Code Magic, aka divinity streaming through you. 

Your Genius Magic is all about getting out of your own way and LETTING it come to you. Everything you want and everything you never knew you wanted. It’s the only way to co-create a truly unimaginable and magical life.  

Your choice of course. 

Hello, I'm Gitte and I'm here with special guest Alessandra Lanzafame, to tell you all about this better way. Just sign up below for instant access.


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