code yourself for success 

Learn the precise art and science of alchemizing your Shadow codes into pure Power.

You’ve realized hopes and wishes are impotent creators and that the only way your life will ever change is by buckling down, rolling up your sleeves, and doing the non-negotiable foundational work of upgrading your codes of consciousness to those that naturally create success, magical success.

You no longer care what it takes. 

You are SO done with this shadow bullshit that keeps tripping you up and getting in the way of your dreams that you’ve become willing to do whatever it takes. 

YOU are going to war against your shadow. 


No more excuses. 

No more hoping. 

No more fantasies. 

It just got real. 

YOU just got real. 

Welcome to the Shadow Alchemy Bootcamp.

Where you stop being a victim of ANYTHING and become the true commander of your life. 

And a powerful creator.

"Gitte has been saying for so long to just “keep alchemising shadow”… and that as a result, the 3D world would shift itself.

And shift itself according to the power of those alchemical actions…

Well, when you’re doing that, and the 3D world isn’t changing as fast as you want it to (in my case, “show me the money baby!”), again… you realise you have more shadow to alchemise. Damn your sneaky ways shadow #FacePalm 

And the riddle of energetic mastery continues.

Well, as I was gardening today, which is one of a few of my self-employed income streams, it dawned on me…

Last March I was earning £1600 a month, having a bit of a money-life-shadow-freakout sort of time, not really enjoying much, and… yet… this March I’m earning £4000. And that’s consistent months too. (actually increasing)

That’s a 2.5x increase over 12 months. And during that 12 months, I’ve been doing what Gitte has suggested I do. (More so the passed 9 months actually)

Now.. it got me thinking… Within the next 12 months, at that continued rate… I’ll be earning £10k months consistently… then £25k months after that… by 2025.

It made me smile. But also made me laugh because for years I’ve been seduced by the… “You can become a millionaire NOW, just sign up to my course” blah blah blah.

Only to become more lost and distracted by teachings that don’t nail The Truth of the matter.

Because what doesn’t sell so well is “Do Shadow Alchemy As I Suggest… BUT… I Actually Have No Idea How Long It’ll Take For Your Money Problem To Resolve Itself.”

Cause from my experience, this is actually what has happened. I had way more shadows to alchemise than I realised… and it has taken time for it to manifest in the 3D… 

Now being on the other side of that, I can say it’s worth it. Because I also can sense how this energy mastery stuff that Gitte has been talking about for so long… is EXACTLY where it’s at. 

And continuing as I have been, I know things will just keep getting better and better!

BUT… the passed 12 months have notttttt been easy. Far from it.

Worth it, but not easy. And certainly not the “ask-believe-receive-sit-back-and-visualise-and-ritualise-and-all-will-actualise” BS that I was brainwashed into for years and years. (And even taught… oops #SecondFacePalm)

So even though I’ve done 5-figure months before, $35k and $50k months, and also charged £500/hour for services… the energy of where I am now is COMPLETELY different.

As in… COMPLETELY… different.

Which is why I know, sitting here, tip-tapping away on my phone, that ENERGY trumps all. 

And I KNOW this without a shadow-of-a-doubt! (See what I did there?)

HOW i am doing things today feels more powerful than ever before. And not in a Tony Robbins jump up in the air kinda of way… but a powerful calming confident kinda way.

Because I have the awareness of Truth that’s come with alchemising a shit ton of shadow this passed year.

But I won’t stop there. 

The energetic game continues… and as I live moment-to-moment, I know that I stand by one fundamental conviction…

That I won’t allow shadow to run any aspect of my life, ever. Because it sucks. Big time. And living from a place of Truth transcends anything that shadow can offer. (It just takes a bucket load of honesty to realise that!)

So, for those who are reading this, looking back on the passed 12 months and genuinely feeling like nothing has changed…. just reach out to Gitte, she’ll guide you to the solution."

James O'Meeghan

Shadow codes, interwoven all through your body and your psyche, are constantly thrumming as a barely audible hum at the edge of your consciousness and telling you that staying safe is what should matter above anything else, what must matter above everything else, what DOES matter above anything else.

They whisper to the most primitive parts of your brain, this is dangerous, you must not do this, they must never disapprove of you. And because this part of your brain, which is stuck in the primitive far past and holds rather outdated ideas of safety, is mostly entirely subconscious... It holds power over you.

Subtly, unseen by you, the shadow codes hold you in their thrall.

Residing, acting, just beyond the edge of your conscious awareness.

Shadow wants you, before anything else, safe: don’t rock the boat, don’t stand out, don’t own your power, don’t speak truth, be reasonable, be realistic, play small, don’t ask for more, don’t demand more, settle, be nice, be proper, don’t charge too much, don’t expect too much, make sure people like you.

And because you are enthralled by shadow codes this is exactly how you live your life.

You will remain enthralled until the day you have a true change of heart and a dream, a desire, suddenly matters more to you than any shadow.

This is also the exact day the battle for your life begins, the battle to determine who is running it: you, or your shadow.

To win this battle you must become a detective, an apprentice and a warrior.

A detective to identify the core shadow lie.

An apprentice to learn how to craft weapons of Truth.

A warrior to fight the battle for as long as it takes to emerge victorious.

Because the only guaranteed way to win this battle, and become the master of your own consciousness and life, is for you to learn to craft Truth into precise arrows that will pierce the exact lies at the centre of each shadow swarm, shattering them like mirrors breaking into a thousand pieces.

(Breaking life’s mirror of your shadow codes - and then you can freely choose what you wish to see mirrored, which always will be UNimaginable Genius art.)

This is Shadow Alchemy: 

To learn to see as the peerless detective who unerringly corners the core shadow; 

To rise as the weapons master who crafts the most powerful weapons of Truth; 

To become the iron-willed unyielding warrior who will fight to the end for your dream.

And turn it into matter.


ALL your money problems and struggles are caused by only one thing:  Shadow codes.

How little money you make.

How little is stays around when you make it.

How your debts keep increasing no matter what. 

Difficulties creating money overflow in your business even if you do all the 'right things'.

It's ALL shadow animation. 


Change your codes, and you will change how much money you make, how magical your business is, how easy you make sales, how powerful your marketing is. 


"From $0 to $9500 per month in 3 months.

That was my very first results from Shadow Alchemy.

I've never ever imagined I could make that much money, ever.

When I started Shadow Alchemy, I was convinced €3000 was my max. 

Dedicated Shadow Alchemy was the beginning of the path that eventually took me to €50k+ cash months.

If I can do it, you can do it."


Your comprehensive online course to master Shadow Alchemy

What you'll get:

  • Deep learning of each aspect and element of Shadow Alchemy
  • Owning your power to create money 
  • Master manifesting on demand
  • Real life magic
  • An end to anxiety, powerlessness, overwhelm, and feeling not good enough etc
  • Lifetime access
It's the foundation for all future success, in any area of your life. 
Pay in full: €497
Payment Plan: 2 x €250

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