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Remove you from the timeline to enter time bubble where time is impossibly expanded.

Open a gate for you to skip ahead into the future.

Create the most magical week of your life. Ever.


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Walking in London today, Jessica (my partner) and I decided to chat about 2022, and reflect upon what’s ahead of us for 2023.
She started by saying…
“I feel you’ve really transformed since coming back from Scotland (with Gitte).”
And I couldn’t agree more. I had no expectations of what the trip was going to be like, no requirements, no demands.
I just let Gitte do her thing.
And as a result;
My relationships have blossomed; having more honest and respectful forms of communication.
My food choices and health habits have taken an upgrade (even though I‘m a personal trainer, they still needed work);
I have finally taken action on healing my eczema, something I’ve been ‘meaning to do’ for 18 months… currently 3 weeks in to a strict gut healing protocol, and it’s working wonders!
My confidence with work, and with those I work with, has also taken an upgrade. Again, more sincere and honest communication, speaking up with greater clarity and without delay.
My professional aspirations have morphed from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and focus, now pursuing something that hits at my core… not me frantically ’trying to work things out’.
And most importantly of all…
…the tone of my internal dialogue has completely and utterly shifted…
From this self-doubting, over-analysing, self-critical, self-sabotaging inner bully…
…to a calm, confident, precise, self-caring, self-empowering, self-encouraging and wholesome individual.
Knowing that whatever happens in my world, I will always have my back. Always.
Not some vacant affirmation that I have as a reminder on my phone, but a Truth that permeates every cell of my Being.
And the magical thing about this shift, is I didn’t and don’t have to “try and change my mindset” consciously.
It’s happened AS A RESULT of the upgrades (a word I’m still getting used to using) that happened in Scotland… and Trusting in the process that Gitte led Cathy and I on.
Over the years i’ve invested close to £100k into coaching, courses, seminars, workshops, mentorship and the like…
…and I can say without a doubt, the Scotland pilgrimage was by far the most transformational, yielding permanent change… not some sort of temporary high that comes with a weekend retreat or seminar.
And I am so so grateful for that, THANK YOU Gitte! 🐲🔥
The next… Egypt… and I cannot wait… it’s going to be epic!
James O'Meeghan

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