Code upgrades allow you to uplevel at a rapid pace, much faster than coaching ever can. 

Code upgrades is the activation of your Mystic Genius.

No slow progress – incremental, linear, or reasonable.

Instead your codes are upgraded – and the Unimaginable happens. 

It’s wild and wonderful. 

It’s a magic and mystique.

It’s chaotic. 

And it’s exquisite. 

We are talking Genius code upgrades. It’s where we are all headed. 

You, me, the whole world. 

Imagine a world of people utterly devoted to their Mystic Genius. 

(No, you can’t bring shadow into your imagination because shadow and Mystic Genius cannot co-exist in the same space.)

All of us wealthy because we’re devoted to performing the Art of our Mystic Genius. 

And you being one of us. 

Code upgrading will propel you into a new consciousness where magic becomes available to you. 

It is for you who are called to live your greatest story, your grandest adventure. 

It is for you who feel the call of your Mystic Genius.

It’s where your greatest story unfolds and the only place you’ll ever truly live the grandest adventure of your life. 

(Deeper) Initiation into your Genius is by nature extremely individuated, as you are a unique person with a unique Mystic Genius on a unique magical, mystical journey to become a unique Wealthy Mystic. 

Your unhooking and code upgrades will achieve any or all of the following: Alchemize your shadow, empty you of content that keeps magic at bay, activate dormant Genius codes, or deliver new codes to your field. I often channel information on your Genius as well. 

What exactly will happen for and to you depends on what’s going on in your life right now. Of course. 

This workshop is for people who are looking for quantum leap uplevels in any and all areas of life. 

Portal To Genius is formatted like a mastermind, where you take turns getting my undivided focus for your unique upgrade.

You will also receive codes indirectly – but not less powerfully – when you experience me upgrade other participants. 

Next Portal To Genius

May 21

4 x 90 min sessions over 8 hrs

Limited to 6 people

We go deep. 

We immerse ourselves. 

We build and build and build the energy. 

For unimaginable breakthroughs.

What Clients SAY

Your workshop was an eye-opener.

I realized that I had conflated the Trigger and the Shadow and the Shadow’s root, and was trying to alchemize them without ever managing to reach the root. The Portal To Power day was totally enlightening, as in lightning flashes of inspiration. My two most important revelations were a) that digging down to the Shadow’s root plain takes time because it can be terrifying (fear will protect the root from exposing itself) and b) something that had been clear but mysterious to me for decades (easily manifesting non-conscious desires/goals, but not conscious ones) is due to the former being resident in my body (vs. only mind). 


Gitte has a way of explaining general principles and concepts, and then illustrating them with concrete real life examples, in a way that will suit any learning style and any level of ignorance of one’s self.  She addresses consciousness, the body and one’s psyche smoothly, elegantly and clearly.

Mary Jack

Portal to Power was a pivotal experience like no other


I’ve been wanting to work with Gitte for so long. I believe in part I didn’t create the cash to make it happen because I feared my own success. I also wasn’t ready to face my past.

Gitte has the ability to see thru my walls & get to the root. The root shadows that kept me stuck & not taking the action on the goals I said I wanted.

This one 6 hour intensive has me moving finally. Taking the audacious actions that have me surpassing goals I never dared to dream possible.

Get yourself in her next container if you really want what you say you want.


Kennethia Shalon





 Gitte guided me to see the block and the power trapped in it

Gitte asked the most opening and at the same time most uncomfortable questions that helped me move through my current block in a very short time.


When Gitte guides me to see the block and the power trapped in it, the clarity I get is so pure and natural. This clarity makes me remember that I can trust myself and my intuition every second and in any situation.

When the shifts in my energy happened, I could feel it physically in my body and field.


Eva Lepik 




It was a powerful session


I’m an Artist and I have an art business.

The main thing for me was to be bold and go and claim a hot seat, no matter what.
That was the biggest trigger and triggered alout of shadows and in my money energy.
And then I saw my Child shadow so clearly in my business.

“Be in that space and grounded”, Gitte said, “that is the Sovereign.”… I was always losing that energy. Yes, I am learning that!

It was a powerful session to be with you ladies! It was a long day but worth it. Thanks a lot.

Thanks to my dear Energy Master, Gitte.


Hulda Leifsdóttir