Sept. 25 - Oct. 4, 2023

The veil between the worlds is thin in many places in Iceland, and we will go there.
Glaciers and snow in June. 
Volcanoes shifting the ground before erupting, fiery lava pouring out. 
Rivers and lakes and rain and the ocean. 
The winds that never stop. 
Nature spirits. 
Other realms.
Planetary power place.
Raw Earth codes.
Grounded and spiritual. 
Earthy and cosmic.
Mystical Portals to Elsewheres.

For 10 days we'll be traveling around Iceland seeing all the sights and visiting all the power places and mystical portals.

Price €15k includes transportation, accommodation, meals and entrance fees. The accommodation is single rooms if possible. 

Check out The Mystical Traveller's blog if you're curious what might happen.  


Contact Gitte for more information or to join at [email protected] or via FB or IG messages. 

You got questions?

Send an email to [email protected].

Esoteric, mystical, powerful, magical Iceland.


I lived in Iceland a total of 20 years and I know that part of Iceland very well.
I met nature spirits, discovered power places and even found a plague describing a site as the elvish capital of Iceland a few years after I discovered it as such (who passed it on to the tourist board is something I'll forever not know.)
People change when they travel with me to power places. People change when they realize that there is more to planet Earth.
Every power place activates codes within you, opens portals to Otherworlds and ... just experiences you sometimes have no words to describe but are utterly real for all of that.
I've a trip to just all those sites in Iceland scheduled September 25 - October 4, for just a few people who are ready to rock their life and leave 'normal' for the Unknown realms of magic.


If you want to be part of this otherworld-ly, magical and utterly grounded trip to power places in Iceland, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.