Transcend The Business Success Matrix

There's another way of creating business success.

One that I used to create $500k in a year using only Facebook - and not paid ads either.

It's very different to the one everyone else is doing.

It's also the one that is completely effortless and doesn't require you to force manifestation.  

One that does not require you to 'work on yourself' endlessly in order to become an energetic match for what you want. 

You don't have to change your beliefs, heal your trauma, visualize your goals, journal, do affirmations, or even Shadow Alchemy. 

You don't have to set goals, focus on your goals, hustle, work hard, do the blood, sweat, and tears thing. 

You don't have to use any marketing strategy, any templates, master social media, create funnels, have sales calls or anything else. 

None of that is necessary once you step out of the business success matrix. 

Which is where I take you in the Mystical Business Portal. 

What you'll learn in it is what I did - or rather did NOT - which created that $500k sales year just with Facebook and without any paid ads. 

You want to LET CLIENTS AND MONEY FIND YOU without you having to do anything to 'make it happen'. 

But beware, it will go against everything you've learned about how to create business success.

With that said, I invite you to step into a completely different reality that will wake you and see how much you've been brainwashed when it comes to how to create business success.  


Your sales are all created from doing nothing. 


The less you work on your business and work on making money... 

The more money will come to you. 

The more still you stay, the more money comes to you without any effort from your side. 

A mystical business doesn’t follow any of the business rules you’ve been taught. 

It doesn’t follow any rules at all. 

A mystical business makes its own rules.

And then it discards those rules. 

A mystical business does not need any external data.

It’s entirely inward seeing. 

Your mystical business exists for its own sake. 

It’s pure divine truth codes streaming through you. 

And that is why all the clients and sales come to you, without you having to make it happen. 

It’s pure freedom from #allthebusinessthings. 

It’s how you create business success, the mystical way beyond the matrix. 

There are unseen codes  underlying all visible results.

You suspect this, somehow know this, and are not attracted by the logical ‘how to do business’ rules and structures.

You know that magic is real and you know lush abundance is created by choosing magic over money.


The Mystical Business Portal is a collection of 20+ videos disrupting the common success paradigm. 

Together, they reveal in detail the truth about how easy it is to create business success.  



The Age Of The Wealthy Mystic * Force Vs Power * Codeword: Strawberries * Dragon Business * Dragon Codes * Alchemical Actions * Your Business As Art * The Hero's Change Of Heart 



Weaving A Spell Of Truth * Our Of Order Sales * Energetics Of A $100k Sale * Holding Tension



Enchanting Marketing * Palatable Vs Iconic * The Magic Of Truth In Marketing * Sharp



Your Power To Make Money * Comfort To Cash



Genius Business Codes * Genius & Cirque Du Soleil



Genius Delights * Dragon Business * A Wealthy Mystic * An Energy Master

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