You thought you were on a journey to slay all your inner and outer monsters, but really, all along you were on a journey to become one, to shapeshift from human to a magnificent, majestic, magical dragon.

You know you’re a dragon in human disguise.  

You know, because the life you’re living is too small for who you really are.   

It’s too normal.  

The story you’re living is dull and repetitious.  

And to be honest, you’re not really that interested in being human and everything it entails.

You see the illusion of the matrix and it leaves you uninspired.  

You’ve tried healing yourself more.  

You’ve read a gazillion self-help books and the thought of reading another makes you want to bang your head against the wall.  

You meditate more because that’s supposed to make you more okay with your life.  

You go on raw food because your body could use a good detox and maybe that will bring an end to your ennui.   

You search for the meaning of life, not even sure there’s one to be found.  

You wonder why you go through with this human life, day after day.  

This pointless tragicomedy. 

And you’re right.  

It’s not your human life that’s the problem.  

It’s that you’re a dragon and will never fit into a human life.  


Isn’t it time to stop pretending you’re human? 

Here, in the Dragon Hall Of Codes, you’ll activate your dragon self, waking it up from its eons long slumber. 

It’s going to feel like such a RELIEF that you no longer have to pretend to be a human and can live free like a dragon does.  

Which is not at all the same way a human lives.  

I first shapeshifted into a dragon in 2018. 

I was co-facilitating a retreat and was participating in an daily exercise led by my co-facilitator.

When it became my turn to speak - repeating what I'd said every day in this exercise - my body started shaking uncontrollably, and tears started pouring out my eyes. I had no idea what was going on but trusted my body was up to something .

I stayed still in the submission to the experience and I felt myself shapeshift into a huge dragon, a dragon so big it lived in the void between the stars.

That experience, of being that dragon, had an unforgettable impact. 

Over the years since then, I've felt myself as a dragon again several times. 

Dragons LIVE different, they LOVE different, they MATTER different, they do BUSINESS different. 

But most of all, they fly free and unfettered by any human concerns. 

It's the best feeling in the world.

It's the most beautiful, loving, free, magical, potent, powerful way to live. 

Magnificent majesty. 

So when I was commanded by my Genius to create a membership to teach dragon codes...

Something I said tongue in cheek 5 months ago - that I turn people into dragons - turned out to have been a prophecy. 

We are made of stardust, assembled into mighty dragons that roam creation. 


Being a better human being was never the spiritual endgame is. 


Being a dragon is. 

Like a dragon that is a living breathing being, so this membership is, alive and constantly evolving. 

* Exclusive monthly masterclasses, challenges, activations, or Q&A sessions

* Access to Dragon Codex, the archive of all things dragon codes 

* Community support on your shapeshifter journey 

* Dragon code drops 

* Two bonus programs with instant access: 'Your Most Powerful Magic' & 'The Mystic's Path to Business Success'

... and who knows what else wants to come through to fuel your shapeshifting.

It's a portal to an adventure into the Unknown, where dragons are born and where they fly free.

This month in Dragon Hall Of Codes

Live on February 8

How you can deliberately prod and poke your inner sleeping dragon so it wakes up, because it won’t happen by just wishing and hoping it. Nope, gotta start prodding and poking it. And then keep at it because a dragon that has been sleeping for all of your life, is not going to wake up easily.

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Live on February 22

The great unhooking from ego’s false version of life and how life works and what life means and what matters and  who you are and what you should do etc. - when you have seen ego and it's lies for what they are, you'll never be able to unsee it again. Welcome to the real life. 

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Behind The Scenes Diary

See what walking the dragon’s path looks like in real life as I share many moments of my days. You'll see what it looks like in real life, and how to do the work. Through several short videos, where I share what's current in my life, you'll get real life practical insights.

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And the dragon said: 

“Nothing matters to dragons but devotion to their divine Genius Magic and what it wants to become through me.”

The human cried: 

“But it matters what other people think about me. It matters that I choose the right thing, what if I choose wrong? My fear matters, how can I just ignore it when it’s so strong? It matters that I succeed right away because if not, I’ll be exposed as a failure and my fear of being a failure matters so much. It matters that I’m seeing progress, how else will I know I’m doing the right thing? I don’t even know what matters most to me, how can I find out? How will I know if what I think matters most is really what matters most?”

And the dragon said:

“I don’t care what other people think of me, it has no relevance to me.”

“I ALWAYS choose the right thing, it cannot be otherwise because ‘wrong’ doesn’t exist.”

“Fear is the ghost of a human tribal past and I am not a human, I have no tribe, and I exist in the Divine Void. Fear is unknown to me.”

And the dragon said: 

“Whether I succeed right away, later or not at all is of no importance to me, I only care that at every moment I live the divine truth of my Genius Magic. Failure is not a concept that holds any meaning to me. All my actions naturally and effortlessly turn into unimaginable creations because I am.”

“I only exist in the Divine Now and I only act in the Divine Now. Because I live my 3D world into being in every moment, I don’t need to concern myself with progress.”

And the dragon said:

“Only when I shapeshifted into a dragon did I see the truth, that nothing matters except for devoting myself to my giant divine Genius Magic. And that is true freedom.”

The human fell into silence.




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