MetaMystique is your portal to the realm of Dark Consciousness and Mysticism.

 It’s your portal to initiation into your Mystic Dark Genius, your most pure, powerful and potent codes.

The Dark is a mystical realm, portal to alien worlds of wonders unknown.

Here you spin in silence while dancing with the grace notes of silence. 

Until diamonds are created out of the tension and Unimaginable Magic IS, appearing from Nowhere.


Stepping through the portals of MetaMystique you’ll enter the hallowed halls of Oracles and Alchemists, Mystics and Sorcerers. 

Ancient-new Lore

Dark Mystic Wealth

Iconic Genius Art Expression

Wild Anatomy

Pure. Free. Wild. Glorious. Euphoric.

It’s how it was always meant to be.

Now it finally is.

MetaMystique – The place to:

Unhook from the Light grid

Receive Code Upgrades

Submit to Dark Mystic Wealth

Activate your Dark Body

Be Initiated into your Mystic Genius

Create a Dark Business

Dance with Chaos

Become a Mystic and Oracle

MetaMystique is the home of Dark Mysticism. 

Holding Tension

The Art of Submission to the Nothing

Your Genius Art

Extreme Individuation

Radical Truth

Supreme Integrity

Standing on Imperial Ground

Genius Commands

Being Empty of Content

The Negative Frame

The Diamonds Grid

The Dark Alchemist

Becoming a Mystic and Oracle

Remaining Still in Storms of Chaos

Casting Spells

Having Blind Faith

Your Dark Taste

Dark Archetypes & Killer Archetypes

… and much more.

The Dark is real.

Unimaginable worlds await you there.


is your invitation to come home to the dark.

To be free, to let your spirit be wild again, to dance with chaos as you were always meant to do.

To be a creator, not a manifestor.

To be a natural creator of true magic.

To turn your Genius into a Mystical Empire. 

These Portals are now open in the MetaMystique Sanctorium:
Feel free to contact us with your questions: