Welcome to the only business school that is shadow free, and teaches you not only the most advanced business skills and how to unleash your true Mystic Genius but also the supreme energy mastery and consciousness evolution needed to become a 7 figure mystic.

As a mystic, your wealth is intimately and intricately intertwined with your Genius and your consciousness.

While teaching you all the required business skills, at the most advanced pioneering paradigm shattering level, the MetaMystique Sanctorium school is also a journey from shadow through Light to Dark (Lightest Light) consciousness.

The energy mastery learned as a result of this journey combined with the business skills is what will ultimately make you a Wealthy Mystic.

Nobody travels at the same speed though the journey is always the same.


How fast you travel through the different levels of the school is up to you. As is what level you start at, reflecting your current level of business skills, energy mastery and consciousness level.


Meaning, except for the highest levels, you can jump in wherever you are ready for and stay there as long as you need.



Lore of MetaMystique Sanctorium


If shadow is preventing you from money overflow, this is the place to start.


MetaArch is your auditorium, your lecture hall. 


All the Sanctorium’s teaching courses will take place in here. 


You’ll have access to previous courses as well as access to new content being added monthly.


As you put your lessons to use and receive additional input via the posting option in  the auditorium’s Facebook group, your increased income will allow you to upgrade to the next level: The Gateway, a monthly group coaching call.


Learn more about MetaArch here and The Gateway here.


Next level is Portal to Power, a monthly immersion in business and energy mastery, to propel you even further into business mystique mystery.

Shortly, you’ll advance to Threshold to Magic, an intensive individualised immersion.

Learn more about Portal to Power here and Threshold to Magic here.



At this time there are two things to dive into next: 

Your Mystic Business Activation, where your true mystic power lies, and Golden Compass, a dynamic platform for Genius Business mastery, that will take you to 6 figures.


You can learn more about Mystic Business Activation here and Golden Compass here.



Your next level is a consciousness shift into the Dark Body, and how to unlock its supreme and extreme potent Genius codes to access true magic.


You can learn more about Dark Body Fundamentals here.

Finally, to propel you into your full wild Creator might and magic, Crucible & Chrysalis will bring you to 7 figures.

You can learn more about Crucible & Chrysalis here.