Your exact Genius Magic In The Spotlight

EVERY business owner prays for a clearly defined shortcut to the business success of their dream. 

But instead of that shortcut, they find themselves having to navigate a jungle of ‘shiny, bright, objects’ marketing strategies and formulas on how to succeed in their business: 

Build your business with Facebook groups. Facebook is dead, do Instagram. Instagram is dead, do TikTok.  

Create a free pdf booklet. Make sure it gives value but not too much. Use FB ads to get it into people’s hands. Optimize your FB ads. Have it as an opt-in landing page on your website.

Build your email list. Email lists are dead. Send an email 3 times a week. Don’t overwhelm your list with too many emails.

Sell online courses. Have a low priced membership. Do masterminds. Offer high end coaching. 

Create a funnel. Do spiral marketing. Do a webinar. Do a free 5 day challenge.

Jesus CHRIST! 

Trying to figure out which avenue to pursue will make you want to scream and tear your hair out in frustration in no time at all. Because, how the hell are you supposed to know which one to choose when they all promise to be ‘the thing’ to get the success you desire?

This is what creating business success in today’s world of spiritual entrepreneurship looks like - thousands of different strategies and methods based on the collective knowledge and ‘true and tried’ practices.

Or, you can do THIS instead!

You can skip the business success ‘how to’s’ altogether and join the secret realm of portal traveling where your unique Genius Magic codes create a magical shortcut to success every moment of time. 

Yep, that magical shortcut you prayed for really does exist. 

You won’t find it in any of the places you have already looked (see above) however, because it is created out of raw chaos by your Genius Magic codes, in each new moment.

Having those codes activated will save you a massive amount of wasted time and effort and money, as you will never again have to try to figure out where to find new clients, will never again feel like a total failure because you can’t close sales, will no longer agonize about what the right choice is, and will never again invest in learning useless ‘how to’.

Instead your clients will find you, they will be pre-sold before you even get on a sales call with them and your income will go through the roof. And you will know ALL the choices you are making are exactly the right ones (even if they make no sense at the time). 

It looks like dream clients showing up out of nowhere. 

It looks like the easiest sales ever, so easy you have no idea how they happened. 

It looks like insane opportunities appearing out of the blue. 

It looks like the biggest cash month ever. 

All this can happen because your divine Genius Magic business codes bend the rules of reality as they play with the wild codes of time, magic and money - and in the playing they lay down the magical shortcut as you are walking it, one step at a time. 

You’ll find me right by the beginning of the magical shortcut, where I will activate the codes that will in turn create your magical shortcut. 

Welcome to Dragons’ Eye, the mastermind where we’ll create your one-of-a-kind dragon business.

Over the course of 3 sessions, we landed Eva’s precise Genius magic and her precise Genius business offer. 

And she jumped straight from a €297 offer to a €9k offer - and sold 3 of those in 3 days. 

THAT is one hell of a jump and accomplishment.

Eva became a spiritual healer / empowerment coach offering single sessions in November 2019 - little more than one year before by the time she came to me.

(How many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle on for years and years and years…?)

She launched her first online program in June 2020 for $97.

Later, in the fall, she launched another program for €297.

In December Eva signed up for my Genius Business Activation package, which includes not only nailing what your exact Genius magic is but also things like who her clients are, exactly how she shapeshifts them, her business architecture, as well as her ‘right now’ next current and precise offer, including price and content.

One of these new offers was a 1:1 coaching package for €9k.

Eva had never sold a coaching package before.

But she had absolute trust in the value of her work, her Genius magic and the energetic precision of what was downloaded.

It took her less than two weeks to sell her first €9k package.

A GINORMOUS leap in price.

AND one that reflected the TRUE value of her abilities.

Within the next 10 days, she sold another 2 €9k packages.

Eva blew her own mind: “So it means I am able to create €27.000 in 10 days!”

Isn’t that an awesome thing to know about yourself?

Obviously, everyone's journey is different.

But submitting to your Genius magic and precisely nailling your ‘right now’ next Genius offer will have the EXACT SAME SHAPESHIFTING IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS as it had for Eva.

As it had for me. 

As it has had for everyone who’s submitted to their Genius. 

The Dragon’s Eye mastermind is where I’ll be doing with you what I did with Eva. 

It’s your turn now.

In this 8 week mastermind you’ll:

  • Land in your exact Genius (if you don’t already know it)
  • Create an offer that is utterly irresistible to both you and your client
  • Set up the backend, including sales page
  • Plan and execute your launch
  • Alchemize the shadows that will definitely come out of the skeleton closet
  • Sell people into it

This is a DOING mastermind, to concretely and specifically turn your most powerful magic into a 6 figure business.


"There was life before Gitte gave name to my genius, and life after.

Knowing what my specific magic IS, has allowed me to recognise the immeasurable value of being me and what I effortlessly bring to everyone in my sphere and everyone I touch.

"You carry the codes of 'shamelessness'" she stated after speaking with me for a short time, and I immediately knew she had hit the nail on the head.

This is something I have expressed all of my life and that has allowed others to open up and tap into new found freedom around me,

It's been there since I was a child.

But it wasn't until Gitte NAMED it that I really got just how powerful this gift of mine is.

It was a bit like walking around with a diamond in my hand and dismissing it for a cubic zirconia.

Knowing this, gives me a potent focus point for any of my creations.

But even more meaningful, this knowing has me NOTICE the specific way by which I transform the world around me simply by breathing.

I'm now diamond clear that I'm here to erase shame from the world and be the living embodiment of shameless freedom.

Phewww! Damn it feels so relaxing to know that.

I haven't come across anyone that has the ability that Gitte has of precisely identifying the specific brand of magic that others hold.

She has an uncanny ability to not only see your specific gift, but she can also draw out your genius world, it's particular texture and frequency so that you become more intimate with what it is that's wanting to express through you.

If you are wanting to discover what your SPECIFIC genius magic is, and bring definition to who you truly are, and what you are here to do, BEYOND your conditioned, constructed identity, Gitte is your woman."

Alejandra Nicolazzo

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A timeless 8 week  mastermind

Weekly hot seat coaching sessions

Private online space for ongoing mentoring and feedback

Starts June 7

Your investment: €2.5k 


The Myth Of The Dragon's Eye Portal

He stopped in front of what looked like an ancient portal, made of rough hewn stones in various sizes and partly crumbled in some places, and beckoned me closer. 

“You have a choice now,” he said while I was studying the portal, wondering what was the significance of it since it looked exactly the same on the other side. “Beyond this portal is another world. Once you step through this portal you’ll exist in two places at once.”

He glanced at me to see if I was paying attention, which I was. It seemed there was more to this portal than met the eye, which made it highly likely that it was one of the mystical portals I had been searching for, for a long, long time.

“You will still be here, in your human body, living your Earth life. But you will also shapeshift into something else, something more, something very foreign to your human self,” he continued. “You’ll become truly multidimensional, existing both here and there at the same time. You’ll gain access to power and magic that is unimaginable to you now as stepping through will awaken your Giant Divine Genius.”

“But here is a warning. Once you’ve gone through the portal life changes its meaning. Things that mattered to you, will not matter any more. Things that your human self takes joy in, will no longer give you joy. This is the cost of stepping through this portal.”

Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to go ahead with this even if I had sought it for my whole life. 

“You become an alien and as such human concerns are no longer of any interest to you.”

He stopped for a moment, as if pondering what to say next. Then he turned to me and looked me in the eyes to emphasize his next words. 

“Once you step through this, you’ll have accepted the sacred stewardship of your Genius. You’ll realize that this is what you have always longed for with every cell of your being, with every code of your consciousness and that is what has called you here. You’ll recognize it as your true spiritual home. Submitting to your Genius and the sacred stewardship of it means you’ll devote the rest of your existence to turning that Genius into art that will disrupt and change the world. Genius wants to be used, it wants to be turned into art and into a performance. And this, exactly this, will be your euphoria.”

“The good news for you, is that Genius is also coded with wealth,” he smiled at me, knowing I was one of those people for whom wealth was a turn on. 

“This is what I mean by shapeshifting into something else,” he said. “You’ll no longer have the same cares as before, you will only care about your Genius. And that is something that is truly alien to your human self.”

“It will not be easy, but the euphoria you’ll experience when you create feats of unimaginable magic is unlike anything you’ll ever have felt as a human. And that’s the reason you’ll never want to return to who you are now, even when your stewardship challenges you to take left turns that goes against everything you want,” he continued. 

“You’ll also find,” he pointedly looked at me, “that as time passes, the two worlds, the two dimensions you inhabit will blend and merge so that you’ll be living a waking dream. And unimaginably euphoric dream.”

“One last thing you should know, those of us who have stepped through call ourselves dragons as we are now alien and powerful, magical. We are extremely individuated in the stewardship of our Giant Divine Genius. We all have unique Genius codes that we mine to turn into our art and performance.”

He turned fully to face me, making sure I would know exactly what I was getting into. But how could I, really, when I hadn’t yet experienced what he was talking about. 

“Are you willing to sacrifice your life as a human and everything that mattered to you as human in order to shapeshift into a dragon and submit to your Giant Divine Genius and become the steward of it?”, he said, smoothly transitioning into the ritual phrases that would open the portal to me. 

Quickly checking in with myself if this was indeed what I wanted, and yes it was, I answered confidently, with the certain knowledge that this would be the end of my world, my life, as I have known it, “Yes, I am.”

“Only people who are absolutely certain of their choice will be able to open this portal. Do you have any doubts?”

“No, I no longer have doubts.”

“Your new world is a world of absolute candor. Your honesty with yourself and others must be savage. All shadow, all deceits small and large, all lies will be exposed by the nature of your new world. Are you willing and able to live by this, no matter how ugly the truth exposed may be?”

“Yes, I am”. 

I knew it would challenge me, that I would have to face ugly shadows residing out of sight deep in my psyche. But I was ready. I wanted my Giant Divine Genius and I wanted to shapeshift into a dragon. I was tired of human life, it held nothing of interest for me. 

He stepped aside and swept his arm toward the portal. 

“Then enter and be truly free.”

And with those last words reverberating through me, I walked up to the portal and stepped through. 


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