Submit To Wealth

You can make money the human way, or the dragon way.
The human way is to set goals and do the inner on your beliefs so you become an energetic match for that goal PLUS the outer work of strategy and tactics and reach outs and sales calls and perfect branding and freebies... with no guarantee of results.
The dragon way?

Being wealthy starts with a submission, the submission to being wealthy.

With that submission, a whole lot of things happen inluding these:

* You become willing to do what it takes, i.e. overcome all obstacles that may appear.

* Your feelings and thoughts and beliefs (ego content) become unimportant.

* You decide that being wildly uncomfortable - a lot - is acceptable.

* You take ownership of your power and strength.

* You decide to follow the divine nudges on what to do.

* You give up your fantasies and wishful thinking and ground yourself into 'what is'.

Divine consciousness wants you to be wealthy, in terms of money but also in terms of everything in life.

The more you submit, the more you open up to just receiving magic, money included.

And instead of working more, you work less.

Instead of spending more time working, you spend less time working.

Because with your submission you enter the Void of divine consciousness of no effort and no time.

Acting in devotion to your Genius Magic commands are so natural that it takes no energy, and no time.

The more you submit, the faster wealth comes to you. 


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Making money is as easy as taking a stroll on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon. 


At least, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

And I KNOW you want it to be that easy. 

Contrary to what we've all been taught: 

Making money does not require healing, changing your beliefs, healing money wounds, healing trauma, even if many people believe so.  

It also doesn't require goal setting, visualizations, vision boards, no matter how much other people accredit this with their success.

Neither does it require certain marketing strategies, funnels, sales skills, not even a website, no matter what all the big and brash marketing experts claim. 

And lastly, it doesn't require hustle, grind, grit, blood, sweat and tears. 

It does require you to go out of your comfort zone, but you already new that, right?

Money is ALWAYS a state of being. 

Dragon Money is a 5 day intensive immersion portal to that state of being, where you're wide open to receiving money, without you having to do anything to make it happen. 

It's what I call real money magic. 

Where you ARE, and money comes to you out of nowhere. 

Making money was never supposed to be hard work.

It's always just who you are. 


Scroll down for Dragon Money case studies.

Dragon Money

A 5 day intensive immersion on making money the dragon way instead of the human way.


The aim of the Dragon Money Intensive Immersion is twofold: 

  1. Excavate, expose and purge your anti money wealth ego content
  2. Shift conscious to the state of BEing where money finds you


November 29-30 & December 1, 4-5

(You have a weekend break for integration.)

With live calls, hot seat coaching, and personal mentoring from Gitte.

Live calls take place at 3pm CET. 

Investment: €1000


After having successfully hit 5 figure months for several months, I hit an income slump.

After looping in that slump for a while, when working on changing my mindset and creating new offers changed nothing income wise… 

My coach pointed out to me my marketing was too wishy-washy, bland and generic - so of course no one would be interested in buying from me. 

So she, being a master marketer herself, set out to teach me how to create powerful and potent marketing posts. 

The deal was for me to write a post and she’d critique it. 

And boy, did she ever.

Most of my post was subject to more than one round of harsh critique and was edited several times before deemed good enough to post.  

And I definitely learned from that and created some of my best marketing posts of all time (if I do say so myself). 

They checked all the boxes of magical, potent, concrete, specific, disruptive, sharp, pure - and then some. 


Did I get sales from them?


Not one sale, even after 4-5 weeks of this. 

But one day, out of the blue*, a thought appeared in my mind: 

“Enough with the drama, I know EXACTLY how to make money.”

And with that thought I instantly, and I mean instantly, shifted into that particular state of being where money manifestation is a given, it’s easy and effortless and so natural. 

Within a day I’d sold 3 x €2k Genius Business Activations. 

Within a week, I’d sold another 3 of them. 

That was €12k because I changed my state of being after weeks of potent, powerful and - dare I say - perfect marketing. 

I’m mean, some of the posts I wrote ended up impressing my coach.

It’s NEVER your marketing that creates sales. 

It’s YOU. 

And more precisely, it’s your state of being. 

Money manifestation is ALWAYS a state of being.

And that’s what manifesting money the dragon way is about. 



To have money find you, all by standing still in the present moment. 

The most compelling testament to the fact that it’s your state of being before anything you do is this testimonial. 

It’s several years old but it’s as powerful as it was back then, and full of code drops and dragon wisdom. 

She experienced a drastic shift in consciousness, from human ego to divine, and embodied her full god creator power. 

THIS is how all manifesting is supposed to happen. 

Not by a result of doing. 

But by BEing. 

And this divine truth BEing state can be accessed through the portals of your ego content. 

In Dragon Money Intensive, we’ll excavate your ego content around money wealth and you’ll turn each piece into a portal to divine wealth creations. 

You breathe. 

And money wealth is created for you. 

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And pay attention to all the clues. 

Way back in the 90s, I was making my living as a massage therapist. 

My anti money wealth devils (ego content) had once again achieved ascendance in my system and I was completely and utterly broke.

The only clients scheduled were those who’d paid for a package deal and none were due to renew any time soon. 

I’d been fighting myself to create money. 

I’d done more advertising to create sales. 

I’d done all the things that worked before. 

Nothing and nothing and nothing.

I had no safety net, in terms of people or banks or anything who would help me out. 

I was out of options.  

So I gave up.

I accepted this might be the end of my life...

… and let go of all my survival fear. 

It disappeared as if it had never existed. 

And I decided to enjoy to the fullest what time I had left before I died. 

It’s one of those Kodak moments. 

The room I was in, what I was doing, what I was thinking, what I was feeling – it's still crystal clear almost 30 years later. 

And I relaxed into just BEing, because there was nothing else left for me to do. 

(You see the shift here?)

Within the hour, the phone rang: “Hi, I would like to book a massage.”

And again, it rang: “Hey Gitte, I haven’t had a massage from you in a long time, and I would like to do another round of them with you, my back has been bothering me and you really took care of it last time. Would it be possible to get time tomorrow?”

And again, and again. 

All of the calls completely out of the blue. 

I had shifted my state of being, and clients and money came to me without DOING anything to make it happen. 

Money always comes to you when you stop animating ego consciousness and submit to divine truth.

For me, the divine truth in that moment was to not do anything at all.


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Ok, so this is my very, very, very first experience ever of dragon money.  

We have to travel way back in time, to when I was fresh out of 8 years in academia and was trying to make a living as a spiritual entrepreneur, doing massage therapy, healing, personal transformation (the last one is still my love). 

Back then, the internet had just barely come into existence. 

We promoted with flyers and brochures and posters and business cards, which we distributed to every place that would accept it.  

And lectures.  

As in, public speaking. 

I was petrified with fear, just thinking of it.   

Then, out of the blue, an idea popped into my mind: “I will confront my fear of public speaking.” 

“Great,” I thought, “I will put up a lecture and not prepare myself for it, I won’t even allow myself to think of this lecture beforehand and especially not think, not give even the tiniest thought to what I shall talk about.” 

“Cool,” I thought to myself, and went ahead and set up the lecture in a bookstore. I decided to the lecture called Life, The Universe & Everything, since I had no idea what I was going to talk about and that gave me a lot of freedom.  

And I happy go about feeling great.  

Until that dreaded day arrives.  

Suddenly I don’t feel so great. Every time I think of what I will be doing at 7pm that evening, I feel like either throwing up or fainting.  

But no matter all the dread and fear I feel, I still do not allow myself to give even the tiniest thought to what I will talk about.  

On the way to the bookstore, I ask God: “Could you please create a tiny little accident so I can get out this lecture?”, but also not really meaning it because I actually want to go through with it.  

Then I remind myself there’s likely to be only a handful of people - because who would want to come to a lecture named that anyway - and that I can easily deal with, I can just start a conversation.  

Really, no big deal.  

Then I walk into the area where the lecture will take place and there’s FIFTY or more people.  


I have no words to describe how I felt when I found myself standing in front of all those people, all of them looking at me expectantly - and having zero fucking idea what to say to them. 

That moment carved deeply in my memory:  

I sent a scrrrrreeeeaaaammmmm to God for help. 

And then I opened my mouth and said something. I have no idea what I said. 

But it was this exact moment, between my scream and my first word – which probably lasted 3 seconds – was the moment I shifted consciousness, from ego to divine.  

And I spoke and spoke and spoke and spoke and every audience member was intrigued and excited and had questions and... 
Two hours later, I stopped talking.  

And then one person on second row asked me if I could do a workshop on the things I’d talked about, so they could have that experience too.  
And then another chimed it with how they would love to join such a workshop.  

And then another and another... 

Why do you think they asked me?  

Because I was present the whole time in divine consciousness, zero ego animation.  

I said yes to doing this workshop because I loved the topic and loved teaching it to people.  

AND I wanted the money.  

Before I left that evening, 12 people had signed up and paid ahead for a weekend workshop with me.  

The weekend workshop was awesome.  

And I made a ton of money. 

So, here’s why it was dragon money:  

I submitted and devoted to the Genius Magic prompt of doing this lecture.  

(Yes, even 30 years ago!) 

And I did nothing to ‘make’ that those sales happen, the clients and money CAME TO ME.  
Making sales from the audience hadn’t even occurred to me as an option, my whole thing was confronting my fear of public speaking.  

And there you have it, my very first dragon money experience, but definitely not the last.

Today’s dragon money story is a double whammy.
It’s my dragon money story.
And it’s my client’s money story.
AND it’s not really about money at all.
Back in fall 2022, I really wanted to go on a trip to power places and sacred sites in Scotland.
I didn't have the money to go by myself, unless I wanted to do a cheaper version of it.
But more importantly, I did not want to go by myself. I wanted someone to join me, so
Sure, I could go by myself, but the experiences are multiplied many times over when I create (?) those profoundly potent mystical experiences for another person(s). My Genius Magic to activate the codes in power places and sacred sites only comes out in full force when it’s a ‘we’.
And THAT was the experience I desired.
Not the watered down version of going by myself.
I also knew I had a lot of ego content (shadow) in the way of creating this experience, so I got to work on it. I kept emptying out ego content as it was exposed.
I kept purifying my desire of ego content.
Holding tension.
Staying still.
Submitting to magic.
Only posting about the Scotland trip when prompted to.
Not collapsing into ego.
I remained in the state of being that allowed this to become manifest. I didn’t do anything to make it happen except BE, and devote.
I did it for many weeks.
Then there were 3 weeks left.
Then two weeks left.
And the likelihood of this trip happening decreased with every day.
I still did not give up on the trip happening, I did not collapse into ego content, I kept holding tension.
At the same time, my client was on a magical journey of her own, one which started with a thought out of the blue: “I wonder what Gitte is up to?”
When you hear her story, it’s pure magic.
She recognized the divine truth of her joining this trip from the get go and without knowing anything about it, submitted to that truth.
Then she devoted herself to purifying all the ego content that prevented her from going..
… and much magic, small and large, happened.
It’s only in rewatching this video prior to posting it, that I realized how much it truly was a dragon money story.
For both of us.
It’s a dragon money story for both of us.
It’s beautiful.

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