There's A Black Beach In Iceland

iceland pilgrimage


There’s a beach in Iceland, made entirely of round black rocks. 

When the waves flow through these rocks on their way in or out, you hear the most mesmerizing sound. 

This beach is one of my favorite mystical places in Iceland. 

Perhaps even the world.

Some years ago I took the CEO of a big international multimillion dollar company to this beach along with his son and another big guy in the company. 

(It took me getting the car stuck up over the wheels in mud and needing to run to a farm to ask them to come with a tractor to pull us out 😳. )

I could tell they were deeply affected by this place.

On the whole long drive and our stops along the way, they’d been pretty much non-stop talking. 

But the moment we arrived at this beach they sat down and fell silent. 

And stayed silent for about half an hour. 

I hadn’t told them anything about this place, just brought them there. 


But they felt it. 


Like everyone I’ve brought there over the years have felt it.


It’s a mystique that goes deep and you can’t remain untouched by it.


This beach is special among many special power places in Iceland. 


And it’s just one stop of many during the 10 days of visiting the mystical portals of Iceland, taking place in July (2023). 


With Dragon Love






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