The Train To Outer Space


Traveling to the Wild Mystique retreat with the train, Eva and Simon, my two VIP clients, and I quickly fell to talking about what was ahead of us. 

As we chatted we could ourselves already moving through a portal and into the energy of Wild Mystique. 

Our existence began to become noticeably multidimensional. 

Time started stretching (as it always does).

After a while, we subsided into silence and our own thoughts. 

Coming out of a long tunnel, I had this odd and slightly unsettling feeling that the train was going up instead of flat, ascending upwards like an airplane taking off from a runway. 

Later, I felt the train floating in outer space, staying still but also still going somewhere. 

And as I was looking out the window at the scenery flashing by, I got struck with how this was the wrong view. I was supposed to see the deep, dark, and vast emptiness of space with just a few faint stars, not trees and buildings and mountains and castle ruins. 

I existed in the train hurtling forward across the landscape of planet Earth but also, simultaneously, drifting in the silent vacuum of outer space. 

Eva and Simon had the same experience.

But that’s not the end of the story because on the way home, I again had that odd sensation of being in a train coming down from outer space while also, at the same, traveling across Italy. 

Of course the train was descending back down to planet Earth. Of course, it still managed to take me by surprise. (But also not really.) 

And then… 

I was only here. 

On Earth. 

But after a few days of being home again, it was like that Wild Mystique week had never happened. 

As if it happened entirely in a dream.

Or maybe another dimension. 

Although, I could’ve sworn we were solidly here on Earth the whole time. 

Was it real?

Yes, it was real, as much as it was something we weren’t (quite) aware of. 

I also know whatever experiences we had in that other dimension, or those other dimensions, are so deep and so profoundly life altering, it will take months to fully show up into our day-to-day life. 

Unlike the changes we were very aware of happening to us.


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