It Was The Sound Of His Genius

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This is the day we traveled to Cortona, not only a beautiful old hilltop village in Italy but also the strongest power place I’ve found in Italy.

I went there earlier this summer on a scouting trip.

This time I went full power Earth Sorceress mode.

There’s a church in Cortona.

Last time, when I went into the church, it was nice but no special codes.

This time, it was different.

It was charged, super charged with power and codes.

After a while, I heard a sound.

A hissing-humming sound, that we all heard.

The sound had magic and power in it.

But what was it about?

I went into full Earth Sorceress mode.


This sound had something to do with Simon.

So I siddled really close to him, to feel into this sound being about Simon.

It was.

I walked to the place where I heard the sound the loudest / felt the codes and power the strongest.

And I read the codes of the Earth and wove them together with Simon’s Genius codes and my Genius codes, and I knew without knowing what to do.

I called Simon over to stand, right there, in this super specific spot.

I called Eva over to walk a circle around him.

I started walking the other way around Simon in an outer circle.

(But I only knew one thing at a time, and once I acted on that, the new code instruction made itself known.)

Simon was the picture of cool, standing still and submitted to the experience.

Eva got colder and colder as she walked.

I kept getting chills, waves of chills.

Eva saw birds.

And then we were done.

We stopped walking around Simon.

The codes were no longer active and the church no longer super charged.

And that sound?

That was the sound of Simon’s Genius.

(I never knew Genius could make itself audible.)

Twice more we heard the sound of his Genius.

Once when we were sitting in the lounge at Terra Selvatica for one of our sessions, a couple of days later.

That day was when Simon knew he wanted to work with sound, and his Genius Icon came through: Sound Sorcerer.


With Dragon Love







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