The Resurrection Of James

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“The most important thing is she’s SEEN me change, rather than HEARing from me that Scotland was life changing, she’s seen it.”

James has been around Shadow Alchemy and Law Of Attraction for some years. He’s had intense 1:1 business coaching as well and hit a few big sales months several years ago.

But when he became my client, he was barely scraping by income wise and it seemed as if no matter what he did - and what I did to help him shift - nothing worked.

Which means it’d never work for him.

When he took that responsibility back, things started shifting.

Then we went to Scotland on our pilgrimage and all the codes we immersed ourselves in daily, started to upgrade him.

It was while we were on the Isle of Skye that the real core shadow became crystal clear to me:

James had given up.

He’d given up on ever having a successful business.

And he’d given up a long time ago.

So I told him this and it hit him hard.

Really hard.

It was so big and so painful that he needed to sit with this shadow and acknowledge and accept the exact extent to which it had shaped his life for far too long. In other words, he needed to do the work to expose, with savage honesty, every single aspect of this shadow before he could dissolve it and purify it from his system.

He realized his habit of thinking about his business, all his brilliant ideas, all his plans… he never took any powerful actions on it - if any actions at all - BECAUSE HE’D ALREADY GIVEN UP.

So he would sit, and think, and plan, and plot, and take zero action to turn any of that into his real life.

All the time wondering why nothing ever changed.

Next evening we pick it up again, to see where he is at with this big mofo of a shadow.

He cries at how much this shadow has fucked up his life.

And I, with brutal honesty, tell him that his tears feel fake to me.

Another truth smacks him in his face.

True enough, it’s been his habit to wallow in the Victim shadow of feeling sorry for himself.

He goes off once again to sit with this hard truth.

Having your deepest shadows exposed is brutal and painful. 

For the remainder of the pilgrimage I kept an eye on him but otherwise just submitted to the code activations and upgrades we’re all receiving at the various power places we visit.

A couple of weeks after we return home, James wrote to me:

“I finally see it now…

And not just see, but feel it in my bones… and feel it in how I’m experiencing my day…

It is ALL about the journey of being in power, and not about the attachment to what I’m creating.

Did a £1320 week last week, my biggest in 6 months.

And I can see that this is the 3D effect of the shift that’s happened within me.

Scotland was truly life changing!

Thank you”

“Not only that, after our discussions of letting go about being rigid in how I earn money, I did just that… and I signed my first mentoring client for a 6 week block, since quitting that business earlier this year.

Things have certainly shifted ”

Then James wrote to me again, a month later:

“The most important thing is she’s SEEN me change, rather than HEARing from me that Scotland was life changing, she’s seen it. (His girlfriend.)

Taking action on ideas she’s heard me talk about for the past year. And just cracking on with life… being creative, and being calm and confident about it.

I’m 1000% more aware of the texture of shadow in my mind and body than I have been…

THAT has been the most important shift.

Whereas before, when I thought I was being in integrity and power, it was actually shadow… that was keeping me stuck.”

The change James went through on this pilgrimage would’ve taken several months of dedicated, committed, showing-up-and-doing-the-fucking-work-because-I-WILL-change work.

On this Pilgrimage it took one week of pure euphoria while existing in the stillness of the Void where only Nothing existed.

He is no longer giving up before even starting.

He is no longer identifying with the slain.

James has been resurrected.







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