The Eye That Closed, And Closed, And Closed, And... ​

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Cortona is an ancient hillside village in central Italy which has been on my radar for a while. 

I went there on a hot day earlier this week. Now I know why it was on my radar. 



 Cortona’s recent fame is from “Under the Tuscan Sun”, which I already knew.

And being an old hillside town in central Italy, I knew it had Etruscan and Roman historical roots. 

What I did NOT know was the mythical legend of Cortona: 

“Though seemingly farfetched, the story is backed up by many “antiquitous writers”:

108 years after the Great Flood, Noah, navigating from the mouth of the Tiber River … entered the Chiana Valley and liking this place ... because it was very fertile land, stayed to live here for 30 years. His descendents, among which a son named Crano ... founded the city of Cortona in the 273rd year after the Great Flood.

… but also the birthplace of the founder of Troy (Dardano) - and if you want to follow the story to its end, the descendants of Dardano left Troy and founded Rome!”

Legends like this one do not exist arbitrarily, there is always a reason and that reason is always the specific Earth codes of that specific place.



After a bike, train ride and bus ride, Mona and I arrive at the foot of Cortona, which is a walled plateau with a phenomenal view over the valley. 

What is more telling though, is how happy we are. As if we are high on euphoria - except we are not high as we are also grounded in the present moment and the physicality of what we see and do.  

We keep exclaiming to each other how beautiful it is as we start walking (which we will keep doing too many times to count for the rest of our time there, which is hilarious, because looking at the photos I took it really looks the same as any other old Italian hillside village. And yes, there is a point to this which I will get to later.)

We walk up and up and up and up, with euphoria, and find ourselves resting on the steps in front of a church.



I fall into Earth codes of Cortona and start reading them.

Stillness. A vortex of absolute stillness taking you deep into Nothing. As I let the vortex spin me, I feel myself repeatedly right in front of something I’ve seen as mattering to me, and each time I close my Eye to it. 

It’s deletion codes, deleting everything I’ve been taught matters and therefore have been enslaved to. Every time I close my Eye, I set myself free. 

Until I have closed my Eye to everything. 

And in an act of ultimate freedom choose to open my Eye to only one thing, the only thing I choose matters, to turn into matter: my Giant Divine Genius. 

When I opened the portal to the Earth codes, I activated the Blind Seer archetype codes which are embedded in these Earth codes.

I became the Blind Seer.



We walk up and up and up and up. 

The beauty of the place is having a massive impact on us, going deep into our soul, spirit, body and mind, having opened ourselves to the codes of this Power Place. 

We wander wherever our feet take us, up and around and up and around and up. 

The vistas are ever more stunning, our energy never falters, our grounded euphoria never wavers. 

And here we are. In front of a church I briefly considered checking out but then decided it would be too much of a hike on an insanely hot day. But somehow (!) we found ourselves there. 

It’s a Franciscan church, of a sort, which bodes well; the Franciscans had a habit of choosing high energy spots for the location of their churches. 

Inside, the first thing I notice is the dominance of the color red. Highly unusual, I’ve seen this in no other church. 

The church is beautiful and the energy is even more beautiful. 

Pure. Cleansing. Purifying. 

And it hits me: It’s the Red Diamond energy, the purifying dragon fire associated with the Blind Seer archetype. Duh! Of course, how could these codes not make themselves known as they are SO hyper potent in this place?

No wonder I feel scrubbed clean on the inside, a bit raw as from a severe scrubbing, when we leave. 



We walk up and up. 

To the old fortress on top, which turns out to be hosting an art exhibition. 

You’ll never guess what one of the first works of art we come across is! Never.

But of course. 

How could it be otherwise, on this day when we are so deeply submitted and activated by the Earth codes and Blind Seer codes.

An eye. 



I have no words. 

I mean, what are the odds…???

The view is even more stunning up here. 

The intense beauty we’ve experienced the whole time we’ve been here is not because of WHAT we see, but the EYE we see with, the purity of our sight - which has been purified since we arrived. 

We enter the courtyard of the old fortress where there is an exhibition of landscape photos. And as I look at them, they seem oddly familiar. 



And they are familiar. Landscapes from Iceland, where I lived for 20 years. Where I honed my ability to activate the Earth codes of power places and sacred sites. When people have signed up to join me on a mystical Iceland tour next summer. 

The coincidence is almost too much. 

Here we are, in a ‘random’ old village in Italy. And they have a photo exhibition of Iceland landscapes there!!!!

If I had no words before, I certainly have none now. 


Down and down and down and down we walk, and the further down we go the more we notice the energy dropping and how we feel like we are crash landing back in our world. Which is always how it is, you don’t notice how far behind you’ve left this world, as the energy and euphoria builds gradually throughout the time spent at a power place, because you are so extremely grounded the whole time… Until you return. 

Today, looking back, I know I was not Here but Otherwhere. 

And why, even if we were only there for a handful of hours, we were really there for a couple of days in Other Time. 

And my 3D life Takeaway? The Dragon Academy, which I’ve been holding tension on for a couple of months, is ready to be launched NOW.  

I can’t wait to go back for more. 


Dragon Love



PS The feeling of having been scrubbed raw on my inside lasted another 24 hrs, which goes to tell you the power of the purification we underwent. 

PPS Interestingly, I was hit with one more animation of the Blind Seer codes: After having resisted getting glasses, the following morning I found out I’m now legally required to wear glasses when driving. 

PPPS We visit Cortona on the Wild Mystique retreats. You won’t be the same person going home. At all. 






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