The End Is The Beginning - Or Is It?

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Just the evening before I’d received the code of where my two VIP participants would (should?) be at the end of the Wild Mystique experience.

Was it a look into the future?

Or had I been given my divine mandate for this week, to make sure they ended up there?

Or both.

On the train ride there, we naturally chatted about what Eva and Simon would like to get out of the retreat.

Is it to no one’s surprise that it’s exactly what I got the day before.

I knew that they would end up there because people always do and all I needed to do was to read and submit to the codes of each present moment.

I walked the wild, chaotic path of my Genius, wove codes of their Genius and Earth and power and dragons and magic…

And opened mystical, powerful portals for them.

They let themselves fall through all the portals, one after another, in complete submission to Genius.

A sacred, mystical journey of coded experiences.

They walked right into what they wanted to get out of the Wild Mystique.

And more.

Something deeper.

Something else.
Something more potent.

A stirring of Genius codes deep in their bones, slowly, ever so slowly, rising to the surface.

I can't wait to see what it is.


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