The Dragon At Terra Selvatica

We wander to a grove of young trees at Terra Selvatica, Manca, my then assistant, Patricia, owner and Custodian of the Land, and I. 

There’s a power place that Patricia wants to show us. To her, even though it’s a rather small area of young growth, it feels like a deep old forest. We fall silent on the last stretch and not a word is spoken for a long time.

As we come near, I notice I feel the exact same way as the beginning part of my Genius Tone,  a special piece of music that holds the frequency of my Genius world.. 

I'm not walking amongst young trees but following a path deep in the forest. I feel the same anticipation I always feel when I hear the music, that I’m nearing a mystical place. 

Easily and naturally, we each find a spot to sit, forming a triangle. We all know, without saying a word, the triangle is important for what this is all about. 

And then, we stop the world. 

We breathe. We notice. 

We let ourselves fall through the wormhole to somewhere else.

Deep from within my body, I sense a gate forming between the three of us and the rest of Terra Selvatica land. I watch from utter stillness, rooted deep in my body. I want this experience to be pure Nothing, the Void where everything is born out of the raw creator codes of the universe. 

The gate forms, opens and on the other side a big building slowly becomes substantial, tangible, concrete, without becoming physical. 

I recognize it; it’s the MetaMystique building. It’s forming, taking on a presence, making itself felt and known. No longer merely a concept, IT has made itself matter. 

I feel something big above and behind me. Something immense. 

It passes over me, and over and through the newly opened gate. 

Of course. It’s a huge dragon. 

(What else could it be, with Terra Selvatica being the place where I shapeshifted into a dragon for the first time with Patricia as my midwife.)

It stops above the building. 

And hovers there, taking up a position to guard the place.

Is it me? 

I’m known as the Dragon Guardian to my inner circle.

Yes, it is me. But it’s also not me. 

Like so much in the Divine Void, the truth is multidimensional. 

Its presence is powerful.

We can all feel how the energy of Terra Selvatica has changed as we leave this sacred spot. 

Wild Mystique retreat takes place at Terra Selvatica, September 4-11, and you're invited. 

Click this link for details:

With dragon love,






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