The Deluded God In A Castle

pilgrimage scotland

The Scotland pilgrimage was almost over. 


It was the last day, just a few hours before saying goodbye. 


We had stopped on our way back to Edinburgh for a late lunch, and as we were enjoying a delicious meal in one of those incredibly medieval British pubs with roaring fires and oozing cozy all over the place, I started reviewing the codes we’d encountered at the various Power Places we’d visited. 


We’d immersed ourselves in so many different archetypal codes, Power, Dark and Genius. And we’d done it over and over and over again, in so many different flavors in so many different Power Places.


The Power codes: 

Lover - check

Sovereign - check

Warrior - check

Magician - check


Dark codes: 

Mythmaker - check

Blind Seer - check

Activator - check

Alchemist - check


Genius codes: 

Worthless Gem - check

Deluded God - WAIT! We did not encounter the Deluded God codes anywhere, in any place. 

Dishonorable Defector - check

Devilish Disruptor - check


Yep… We were missing one code. 


And how funny that we were missing the code that I personally have the hardest time with. 


The Deluded God says: OF COURSE I’m entitled to have everything I want. How could it be otherwise? - Said with a god’s creator power.


OF COURSE I’m entitled to have it – It’s been really hard for me to get those codes. And to be honest I never did.


I decided it would be nice to have tea at the castle tea room, just around the corner. 


Guess what?


It turns out it’s a castle and we can go inside and it’s all kinds of wealth and luxury. 


Even better, this castle is still a home so it’s people living with this wealth and luxury. 


Well, hello there Deluded God codes. 


It was the perfect last stop on our pilgrimage, as our final code activation (I’d like to say infusion but it’s really an activation because the codes are already in us, but dormant).


To end our mystical pilgrimage to power places around Scotland with instilling in us that sense of a god’s entitlement that OF COURSE I can create whatever I want and OF COURSE I’ll be insanely successful doing it. 


I got a good long taste of those codes.




I want more. 








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