The Black Hole Of Skye

pilgrimage scotland


Having just crossed over onto the Isle of Skye some 10 minutes ago, I suddenly said out loud: “We’re driving into another world.”


Just earlier that same day, I’d realised that we had shed our lives to the extent they didn’t exist before. And timeline jumped, so that our 4 days in Scotland became the whole extent of our lives. 


So no surprise that this came next. 


First we leave normal time. 


Then we leave normal space. 


And while there is often spacetime oddities happening on my retreats and Power Place experiences, I was aware that here we were talking another order of magnitude.


We travelled much much further away from normal spacetime. 


We spent 2 whole days suspended in the black hole reality. 


Several people said they couldn't feel us energetically at all for those days. As if we didn't exist. 


It was two days of bliss. 


It was also, not surprisingly, the two days where James and Cathy completed their shapeshifting. 


And more….


It was where I had my first experience of these pilgrimages to Power Places as living in a waking dream.


The freedom to have only the experiences that are to my strongest and most precise taste.


The extreme luxury of doing exactly this and nothing else.


The submission to my Genius and just watching in awe all the magic that it created for all of us. 


Not just once but at every moment of the pilgrimage, including our coffee stops, including the weather, including every stop, planned or not. 


Your Genius is real, as is your Genius business. 


You can live a waking dream too, the one which is pure freedom and the most supreme form of luxury. 


If, of course, you’re willing to do the work it takes to get there. 








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