The Alchemist's Garden

pilgrimage power places scotland

The third day of the Scotland pilgrimage ended in an experience which broke the chains that tethered us to our life. 


We’d been visiting the town of Crieff, which research had shown me had a good chance of some juicy Power Places. It turned out the town itself was nothing. 


We did track down a specific country path where people reported to have seen elves… and yes, it was layered in enchanted realms. 


But it was when we were on our way home from a church ruin, which was beautiful but nothing special in terms of energy, that I decided to check out the castle gardens; gardens I had already rejected. 


We turned off the narrow country road we’re driving on and carefully navigated through the equally narrow entrance gate to the castle grounds. 


The drive stretched ahead of us, lined with old old beech trees. 


As we’re driving, oh so slowly, the feeling of driving into an enchanted world came over us. 


There was an enchantment, a sense of something mystical ahead of us, that we were moving into. 


It deepened and strengthened as we continued until we arrived at the castle parking grounds.


We sneaked a peek over the walls to see if the garden was worth visiting… and I just KNEW that I was going to these gardens, come hell or high water, even if the tiniest glimpse I caught did actually not warrant that decision. 


The command was loud and clear. 


The castle sits above the gardens on a low cliff.


You can’t see the garden from the castle courtyard. 


As we approached the wall and got our first look of the garden, we fell silent. 


Our minds fell silent. 


Our feelings fell silent.


And for Catalina, it was a deeply and life changing alchemical moment.


Just minutes before she’d come off the phone with her husband that her dog might have to be put down and felt a lot of grief (her dog is fine). 


Still, when she saw the garden the grief also fell silent. 


It never came back. 


Everything inside of us falls silent. 


And there was only awe. 


The beauty of this garden was pure magic. 


Without me saying anything, we stopped speaking and drifted our own way into the sheer magic of this garden. 


Each plant in the full glory of their fall colors, precisely placed according to the color of the fall foliage, I have never seen anything like it. 


I was stunned. 

WE were stunned. 


And in that time we were there, we unhooked from our ‘normal’ lives. 


Everything that used to matter, stopped mattering, in that instant when we saw that garden. 


Like a scalpel, precisely wielded in time and space, we were cut loose from our lives. 

They were gone, gone and gone. 


Nothing mattered anymore. 

There was Nothing left but awe. 


With extreme precision my Genius had brought us to this place at this time, through a carefully orchestrated series of Power Place visits over the previous days, brewing the codes into an exact elixir that when delivered instantly shifted us into Nothing. 


The Divine Nothing which is the portal to Genius. 


We drifted, untethered through the garden, until it was complete and it was time to leave. 


I had planned another two stops but we all agreed that this was it. 


Nothing needed to be done. 

Nothing should be done. 









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