Something Happened In Terme Tettucio #2

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A while ago I shared the story of how something very powerful happened at Terme Tettucio but didn’t go into details of what exactly it was.

In that post I shared how powerful the Earth codes were and how, combined with my mentor’s sharp blade of truth while I was there and wide open to the codes, I ended up feeling as if I had been put into a shaker and given a good shake, and then every code in me was tumbling around in free fall instead of inhabiting a specific spot. It took me a few hours to feel unshook again. 

This experience was a brilliant example of how opening a portal to Earth codes can seriously collapse time.

So what happened to me?

I admitted that I’m done with teaching spiritual entrepreneurs how to make money by teaching marketing and sales. 

I submitted to my Genius and dragon/alien comfort zone, and with that rejected my human comfort zone.

I submitted to what gives me most euphoria and always has given me most euphoria: taking people to power places and sacred sites, and opening Earth codes portals to other worlds and journeys out of time, so that they may experience their own unimaginable mystical Genius world.  

Which sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

Contrary to what you may think, it is extremely grounding, it activates all my power and it’s utter freedom to go for the most magical life ever. 

So this is it, part two of what happened in Terme Tettucio. 

I took a left turn into my dragon world and if you want to see what it looks like, explore this website. 

Instead you’ll find something much more intriguing, mystical and powerful. 


Dragon Love






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