Something Happened In Terme Tettucio #1

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Terme Tettucio is an old mineral water - for drinking only - popular by the rich and famous a century ago.

It’s gorgeous, SO beautiful in a mixture of renaissance and art nouveau. 

Very peaceful when I was there yesterday, only a few tourists and locals were there with Jóhanna and I.

We spent the first hour in awe and threw out to each other a couple of times how we wouldn’t mind spending a couple of hours just being there.

We couldn't leave without experiencing their coffee room, so we ordered a light lunch, found a nice table and I finally took a step back from wonder and awe of the place to remember to check in with the codes of the place.  

Pure, was my first impression.

Unpolluted by humans. 


No wonder we wanted to stay there forever.

Then, the codes here supercharge the Lover archetype. 

The Lover archetype is one of the governing archetypes of your soul. Its substance is that of power. It encompasses the concept of value and values of all kinds, but specifically asks what you value more than anything else. And then, what are you willing to sacrifice to have that be your life.

I had barely recognized the Lover archetype when I got a notification my mentor had sent me a message. We chat for half an hour or so. 

Halfway through, I’m ranting at Jóhanna: “She is doing it again!”

At the end of my conversation with my mentor, I’m deeply shook. Everything inside me is shaken, shaking, shaky. I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. 

It wasn’t really anything new we talked about regarding what shook me so. I’d seen the truth of it a while ago, and taken steps towards it but there was still fear lurking in the background that kept me from truly submitting. 

This time, it changed me. 

I shapeshifted. 

I submitted to sacrificing it all so I could have what I value above else. 

The real question is: 

Why did it happen yesterday when it never happened in any of our conversations about it before?

BECAUSE I was right there, in a place where the Earth codes bulled right through the fears and resistance and took me to the undeniable TRUTH and shapeshifted me to that truth. 

THIS is the power of Earth codes when someone knows how to open the portal. 

Earth codes can change you in ways that would take a year of coaching, working through your fears and resistance as they come up, and CHANGE you so you not only SEE the Truth, you BECOME it. 

It is what my mentor did yesterday with me, and it’s what I do with everyone on my retreats and mystical Earth trips. 

My shapeshifting took less than an hour. 

Imagine a week or 10 days of this as we travel to stunning places, man made or nature’s creation, rich with Earth codes.


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