One Weeks Pilgrimage Equals 6-12 Months Of Coaching

pilgrimage retreat

 The most amazing part is that it’s happening while you’re travelling to Power Places and Sacred Sites,




… savouring delicious meal


… falling into the stunning beauty of the places we visit


… slowing slowing slowing down


… shedding everything that used to matter to you until Nothing is left and you’re left with true freedom of nothing matters


… everything inside and out hits a stillpoint and time ceases to have meaning


… it’s all so much to your taste you have no words to describe the magic of it


… while you’ve stepped through the portal to your Genius world, where you’re being activated and code upgraded


… you’re rendered speechless over and over again by what you experience


There is so much wonder, and so much awe.


And while all this is happening, you go through the equivalent of 6-12 months worth of coaching. 


It just happens while you’re there.


But the shift is real. 


Eva was stunned by the sudden increase in her coaching magic, just watching how one sentence from her, and her clients were having insane breakthroughs. 


Simon created his Genius work and business in less than 2 months after finding out on our retreat-pilgrimage what his Genius was and what business it wanted to become. 


James hit income numbers in 3 weeks that he hadn’t seen for a long time and started a new business, and it all happened effortlessly. 


Cathy suddenly found herself taking full responsibility for her business without even noticing she was doing it, and it shows. 


The changes I’ve seen in these pilgrims would have taken hard conscious work over a long stretch of time (6-12 months) to create otherwise. 


Instead, they got to spend a week immersed in powerful magical and mystical experiences, loving every part of it… and voila! 


They shapeshifted during the week-long pilgrimage, and it showed in concrete and tangible ways shortly after. 


If ever you wanted a powerful and real shortcut. 


A MetaMystique pilgrimage - or retreat - is it.








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