On The Fourth Day, It Was The Only Life I'd Lived

pilgrimage power places scotland

Day 4 of the Scotland pilgrimage we were driving across the highlands on our way to the Isle of Skye and I found myself wondering about my life in Italy, aka home. 


It’s so far distant, I could only remember it with a massive effort. 


I felt as if these 4 days of our trip were the totality of my life. 


And the strange thing was that even though my life was only 4 days long, it felt just as full and long as the 60 years of my pre-pilgrimage life. 


Once I brought it to my co-pilgrims attention, yes, they experienced the same. 


We’d left this timeline for another.  


I am no stranger to time becoming longer, a lot longer on my retreats but this was not just time stretching. 


We’d unknowingly left the timeline of our lives and started another timeline when the first portal opened in St. Giles cathedral, the morning of day 1. 


In short, we had left our world.


Which is when I knew we had started existing in two places at once. 


In our Earth life, where we talked and ate and slept and travelled to Power Places to add more code activations and code upgrades and was fully and extremely grounded in the present moment at all times. 


And in the Other life where we were falling, falling, falling into our Genius world. 







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