Mystical Travel Is Slow Travel

power places


The key to activating the codes of a Power Place is to move slowly and oh so deliberately into it.

Because the energy is so high - potent, powerful - and at times alien in those places, if you go straight there you’ll not be able to experience more than the shallowest layer of the code activations of what’s truly there.

Your energy body in its normal mode can’t host such powerful codes.

In other words, you can visit the most powerful of all Power Places and not experience anything much at all except for some interesting visions (and visions are not activations).

But if instead you move into it slowly, pausing and calibrating wherever and however the codes and energy instructs you to, you’ll have fully prepared your body to take in the insanely potent codes.

When you do this… Just wow.

It’s mystical and magnificent, and far beyond human comprehension.

You’ll experience a power like you’ve never felt before.

You’ll feel almost as if you’ve overdosed on raw energy.

As if your energy channels are raw on the inside from running so much power through you.

It feels TRUE in a way that defies explanation.

As if it’s how it should be, that you should have that much power running through you at all times.

Last month’s Wild Mystique trip to Cortona was such a day.

Slowly, slowly we made our way to the top of the hill - and to the peak of the power - so we could take in ALL of the codes.

We ran an enormous amount of powerful alien energy through us that day.

Running so much potent and high frequency energy through your system is exhausting but oh so worth it.

We shapeshifted.

March 19 starts a whole 10 days of visiting one Power Place after another, all of them in Egypt.

I know how powerful that one day in Cortona was and how much we were activated.

We’ll be doing this for 8 consecutive days.

It’s a little scary?


Will it be glorious?


In more ways than we can imagine now.

I know some of what to expect and even I can’t imagine what this will be like.


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