The Henge At The Top Of The World

iceland pilgrimage


We drove to the far remote northeast corner of Iceland to visit the Arctic Henge.


It’s an impressive monument to Iceland’s mythology and less than 30 years old. 


(And it just goes to show you that power place and sacred sites are not only of ancient origin.)


Stopping at the entrance to the henge, I took a deep breath and let myself know the energy of the place and how to open the portal here. 


It was clear, I needed to walk my way to the center on a very specific path and only once I’d done that would the portal open. 


I didn’t know what the portal would open to but I trusted and started walking. Conscious of each step, deliberately following the path which revealed itself to me with each step I took. 


Eventually, the path led me into the center and I opened myself fully to whatever was to happen. 


And a power beam from space shot right down and into me and started pouring energy into me and through me. 


I have run large amounts of energy through me before but nothing anywhere need to the level I experienced it now. 


My knees wanted to buckle. 

I started trembling. 


I honestly questioned my decision to do this at one point because I felt I was about to explode, I was getting seriously overloaded and was afraid I would die from too much energy. 


So I did the only thing I could. 


I submitted. 


And every time I was convinced I couldn’t handle more energy coming through me, that now I’d shortcut and burn out, I submitted again.


And again. 


By the time it was over, I felt drunk, barely coherent. 


As if my energy channels had been scrubbed raw on the inside from the amount and power of the energy. 

It took me a few days to recover from this. 


It’s an experience I haven’t had at any other power place in any other country. 


Iceland is unique, and so are its portals. 


Mystical Portals Of Iceland

July 19-29


Deadline for signing up is June 1. 

PM me for details. 







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