At The Foot Of The Glacier

iceland pilgrimage


The glacier you see in this image is the first power place I ever visited, back in 1990.


It’s also the most powerful I’ve ever visited. 


I’m not the only one who can feel the power, I’ve sometimes heard it referenced as a planetary chakra. 


It’s Snæfellsjökull in Iceland, and it’s well known for being a very special place, with people having mystical, unexplainable experiences.


Like me being indoor for a whole weekend and ending up with a sunburned face - the only one of a group of 20+ people. 


Except, of course, it wasn’t a sunburn but an energy burn. 


What happens when you visit this place - not as a tourist seeing the sights but as a power place pilgrim - is beyond human comprehension.


When I put myself to it, I can usually find words to at least paint a picture of what happens at the various power places I visit.


Not so this one. 


I’ve never been able to put words to what it’s like there and what happens.


But when you leave Snæfellsjökull again, it’s very clearly noticeable that you’re returning to Earth from an Elsewhere far far away. 


There’s not one person who has joined me for a power place pilgrimage that has not been able to feel this. 


This place is of course one of our stops on the Mystical Portal of Iceland trip, July 19-29, 2023


With Dragon Love,



PS Just to be very clear, visiting as a tourist will not give you this experience. I’ve been there in both capacities - as a tourist and as a pilgrim - and know this for a fact. 





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