An Empress Born

italy wild mystique


Eventually, after a long walk uphill, we arrived at the church perched above Cortona.

In front of it is a piazza, framed in trees and benches. 

Since we were hot and sweaty from the long walk up, we rested a bit, had some water… 

And then we found our own spots to spend some time calibrating our energy body to the codes there. 

Lying on my bench, looking up into the treetops against the perfect blue sky, I knew I needed to weave a portal for Eva, right here on the piazza, and walk her into her next level Giant Genius business-as-art. 

When the time was now, I went in search of Eva, collecting Simon on the way, and found her at the other end of the piazza enjoying the stunning view over the Italian country side.

It was clear Simon and I needed to escort her to the portal, along a clearly defined, coded trail. 

Both were essential for opening the portal. 

So with Simon and I on either side of her, I directed her steps to make sure she walked the exact energetic path.

Sharp turns and straight lines and we were approaching the place where we first stopped for a bit of a rest. 

Suddenly Eva stops.

“I can feel something here,” she said, “Like a wall or something.”

She was right. 

It was a wall. 

It was the wall to her throne hall. 

On the other side of this wall, her code activation awaited. 

We escorted her over to a specific place on the railing, her energetic throne.

By now, Eva was all unlocked, primed for her code activation. 

Laughing and crying at the same time.

Which was exactly right for this special moment. 

(And of course the exact image I saw when we first arrived on the piazza.)

Simon and I took turns anointing her, giving her our blessing. 

It was a sacred moment of exquisite beauty. 

A profound change in Eva’s coding, from Sovereign to Empress.

She was shaken to her bones.

(Your Genius codes exist in your bones.)

As the codes to her dragon empire were unlocked. 

Just like she wanted. 

Just like I knew she would get. 

The codes she is now bringing to the world. 


Dragon Love







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