A World Not This In The Enchanted Valley

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I stopped halfway down the stairs to the river, turned around and walked back up again.

I’d realized there was a portal on the stairs, and I KNEW Eva needed to walk through this portal rather than just walk down the stairs.

I showed her how to walk through a portal and as we both stepped through it, we immediately found ourselves Elsewhere. It looked physically the same but it was not this world anymore. It was other, it was alien; it was different, so different.

It was also gorgeous and marvelous and mystical.

I knew then where we were.
We were in the world of Eva’s Giant Divine Genius.

Inside the exact signature frequency of the divine source of her most potent magic from where her richest and wildest dreams are not only born but also created.

This was only one of the many magical experiences Eva had on the Wild Mystique retreat, a week we spent together that lasted forever but also never existed.

Eva has several times used the words intense and epic to describe this retreat. I couldn’t agree more, it was definitely out-of-this-world epic and intense in a different kind of intense way.

The interesting thing is, that we didn’t actually do much; in fact, we only ‘did’ something two days during that whole forever-week. Those two days were spent visiting power places and sacred sites; all of them deeply mystical - pure Mystery that can’t ever be fully explained - and at all of them we had experiences of the kind that leave profound marks on your soul.

The rest of the time, we did nothing.

But exactly this ‘not doing anything’ allowed Eva to BE nothing, to be NOTHING, to hold still and be empty - exactly the two fundamental requirements for becoming available to your Genius. In this Nothing she would stay still and spin and become intimate with her Genius.

She LIVED in her Genius world - that unique-to-you source of a life beyond anything you can imagine - in that forever-week, in a way she never would have if she hadn’t come to the retreat.

We knew from before that Eva’s Genius signature frequency has an underwater feel to it.

It was no surprise then that every day Eva was called to spend hours by and in the pool.

She would sunbathe or swim, and swim, and swim. She didn’t read, she didn’t talk, she didn’t listen to music, she didn’t think, she just... didn’t. She stayed still and empty, in the Nothing and became available to more and more of her Genius frequency, and its precise codes.

Every day we would talk and put words to her newly activated Genius codes.

For this forever-week, she was immersed in her Genius field - breathing it, swimming in it, submitting to it, becoming intimate with it, folding into it, activating it, discovering it - on such a deep, deep, deep level that we will not see all the effects of it for quite a while.

Coming home, she found she'd received two powerful boosts to her not only personal magic and income, but also new offers rooted in the deepening magic of her Genius made themselves known.


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