A Wild Chaos Code Maelstrom

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I knew when I read the book that made the Rosslyn Chapel famous, Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code, that one day I would visit it. I did not for one second believe its inclusion in the book was a coincidence, although I was just as certain that it wasn’t about the holy grail etc. 


So when Scotland made itself known as the next destination for a bespoke pilgrimage to Genius, I knew right away that Rosslyn Chapel and I were going to meet. 


What I would encounter there I didn’t know but my Knowing of which places to visit for activations, upgrades, portals to Otherwhere etc seldom leads me wrong. 


So I trusted. 


When I go to a place, whether Power Place or Sacred Site, I deliberately don’t study any background information. I come in with no expectations, and no preconceived notions of what to experience. 


And that’s exactly how I visited Rosslyn Chapel, on the first day of the mystical pilgrimage to Scotland. 


Do I think the decor is a coincidence?




Do I think the codes of the land influenced the decor?


Most definitely, after all, I’d seen it before. 


Rosslyn Chapel is decorated with an abundance of wild and chaotic carvings, many of which make no sense whatsoever for a Christian Chapel. 


And yet, there they are. 


Unexplainable to anyone although many people have made some attempts at mystical interpretations and symbolism. 


They won’t find the answer to the mystery there. 


Because there is no answer. 


And no mystery either. 


The codes of the land at Rosslyn Chapel, swirling in a vortex beneath the chapel, are extremely wild, extremely Chaos, and extremely primal. 


Formless, shapeless, purposeless, swirling in a maelstrom. 

Unfettered, untethered, RAW, pure.  

Powerful forces.








On a scale that the human system simply can’t handle, it’d fry you from the inside out.


These were the scariest codes I’ve ever chosen to submit to. 


So why did I/we do it?


Because these codes are the source of your divine giant Genius Magic. 


The pure raw divine creation codes streaming through you into the 3D world.


And I wanted more of them so I could live my divine TruePath even more. 


Which is exactly what happened, when the pilgrimage took us deep into the Nothing and our Genius worlds.








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