Unhook from the Light Grid

Activate your Dark Body

Be Initiated (deeper) into your Mystic Genius

Make Your Business Dark

Blind Seer: Launching into the Dark is an immersive, potent, wild, mystical, magical mastermind to launch you deeply into the Dark.

It will bring the Dark alive for you in a way that no amount of learning ever will. 

The Dark is a LIVED experience, not an understood one. 

The Dark is a new consciousness and energetic realm. It’s new on Earth, new to humankind and it’s completely different from anything you’ve ever known or been taught.

It’s unfamiliar and foreign to the human, and goes again eons old programming; it’s not easy to leave eons of deeply ingrained constructs behind.

By stepping through this portal into the Dark and crossing the Threshold to Magic, you will transition to LIVING the Dark. Like it was always meant to be. 

The Dark is your true home.

And you’re a natural creator of unfathomable magic. 

The Way of the Dark includes, among many other things:

Holding Tension

Submitting More

Performing Your Genius Art

Achieving Extreme Individuation

Living Radical Truth

Having Supreme Integrity

Standing on Imperial Ground

Following Genius Commands

Nothing Matters

The Negative Frame

Dropping Diamonds on the Grid

Being a Dark Alchemist

Becoming a Mystic and Oracle

Remaining Absolutely Still in Chaos Storms

Casting Spells

Making Money the Dark Way

The Dark is real. 

Unimaginable Mystery and Magic awaits you. 



3 months mastermind

Limited to 10 people

3 monthly oracle, code upgrade & activation calls

3 months MetaArch membership

*** Dark Code Activation by Sonika Asif or Naveed Asif to bring your Dark Body online. 

And of course we will have a sacred Facebook group, our MetaMystique Sanctorium Portal, through which we enter, with blind faith, into the world of being a MythMaker, Blind Seer and Alchemist, Oracle and Mystic.


Pay In Full



Payment Plan

$8.050 + $5.000 + $5.000