What’s In a Name: Nothing. Everything.

What’s in a name?



With most everything in life, nothing particular is in a name except for how it sounds and what symbolism it may carry.

When it comes to your Genius Business, the name matters A WHOLE LOT.

Because your Genius Business is not like any other business. In fact, it’s as far from any other business as could be.

Your Genius holds extremely specific and unique signature energy codes.

And everything about your Genius Business must host and amplify your Genius codes to bring it to magical success.

Including business and program names and titles.

For example, my Money Warrior program started out as Comfort To Cash. Both names were true names in that they accurately described the content of the program. But Comfort To Cash did not carry the right codes and it was… difficult for me to market it and sell it, there was always an energetic fog around it, and it just felt… off! As soon as the name Money Warrior landed, the energy clicked into place and rather than it being a drag to market it, I ended up channeling an incredible 5 part livestream series on what a Money Warrior is, that brought people to tears.

So when my mentor recently kicked me out of the nest to fly solo and test my wings, followed by leaving the world of Luxe Godhead… well, it was time for my Genius to reveal itself to me. The name came in, and… well, let’s just say it feels really really really BIG, as all Genius will feel because they are. (It’s not yet time to reveal it, precise timing is equally important.)

But here is one name that just landed, basically just a minute before writing this, plus the precise timing, for the name to be released to carry the codes into the world, is now: Golden Compass.

Yes, I know it’s the name of a popular and awesome book.

So what?

It’s still the name that holds the codes of my genius and of my new mastermind container where I’ll be teaching you Light mastery, energy mastery in business, and energetic precision in your business architecture (all of which is ultimately creates magical success).

And because even the name Golden Compass is what holds my Genius codes, it’s the precisely accurate name for this container.

And because everything around, and in, this mastermind container will be crafted to host the most potent codes of my Genius… Well, you can be damn sure it’s a high potency container.

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