The Fastest Way to Becoming a Wealthy Mystic


A good idea, a skill you have, a gift, wishful thinking, fear of being real about who you are… Building a business based on any of those or similar things is your biggest impediment to becoming a massively successful spiritual entrepreneur.

As a spiritual entrepreneur you’re not just any entrepreneur, you are here to do your Genius work. You’re a mystic (possibly still in training) and your wealth is connected to your Genius work as it echoes on to the grid and 3D world.

I was lucky in figuring it out in my lifetime. Most spiritual entrepreneurs never do and it is a big part of their continuing struggle in creating a successful business.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take *you* 30 years, like it did for me.

I’m a Business Seer and my Seer abilities are focused around the What, Why and How of your Genius Mystic Business.

Once people know what their Genius Mystic is and what business to build from it, magic happens fast.


This is creating the nuts and bolts of your business – your business architecture, or structure.

This can be a time consuming, stressful experience fuelled by having to ‘get it exactly right’ for sales. Except… You don’t know what ‘exactly right’ looks like, do you? It’s elusive so you keep chasing it.

Which means endless tweaks, procrastination, bouts of doubts, delays, fiddling, ‘is this more right, what do you think?’ etc. ad nauseam. You go down tangents fuelled by the ‘how-to-instructions’ you’ve learned from google or a coach or a program never questioning whether those are what will lead you on the fastest route to epic success.

Failed launches, many not-quite-right programs, 2 or 3 branding versions, multiple offers that never really took off later…

Frankly, it’s frustrating. And discouraging.

You’ll need to learn to recognize what’s energetically precise for turning your Genius Magic into a successful 6 figure business, including branding, titles, taglines, your offers, what the content of the offers is, your marketing platforms, and more.


Any and all shadows – any emotional issues, limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, consciousness patterns – you have around a successful business and making a lot of money will sabotage all your attempts at success.

Your business, success, and money shadows – and your life will show you if you have any – ensure that you marketing *won’t* be magnetic and the clients you do manage to attract will be far from ideal.

Your shadows must be hunted down, flushed out into the open and eliminated if you want consistent, effortless, magical success.

I have spend 28 years doing #allthethings to make money: worked on my mindset, worked with my energy, worked with emotional healing, bought marketing programs, attended workshops and seminars, hired business coaches and spend tens of thousands of dollars on all of it. The results were, to be honest, pitiful.

It wasn’t until I started hunting down my shadows that I saw how many I still had and how they were preventing me from being successful. Once I started alchemizing them, within a few months I’d created consistent $10k income [NB: this is a repost from a year ago, now it’s around $50k cash monthly, $100k sales].

Sales became easier and easier as I stopped bringing shadow into my marketing (and sales calls), no longer globbing desperation, fear, lack, doubts, need for approval, entitlement and etc. ad nauseam all over my business.

As long as your shadows are still… Well, hiding in the shadows, you won’t succeed, no matter how hard you work, no matter how many different strategies and tactics you use, no matter how much you do #allthethings.


Your Genius work is where you becoming an Iconic and truly stand out from the crowd. It’s also the work that is the grandest and most magnificent adventure and how you write the greatest story of your life.

Sure, you can do a lot of things, I’m sure you have a lot of skills and gifts that can be monetised. But nothing will ever light you up the way your Soul’s Work does.

And if it doesn’t light you up, the energetic signal that your marketing puts out isn’t very strong and therefore not very magnetic. And your soul clients can’t find you in the ethers and therefore can’t connect with you. Let alone having no interest in your offer because that is not what they need you to help them with.

You can, of course, bully yourself into making sales and creating success but that’s not sustainable in the long run. It takes too much energy and you’d constantly have to fight against yourself and your true desires in order to make it happen. Down that road lies only struggle and suffering and depression and eventual burnout because you are not being true to yourself.

What you want instead is marketing that is extremely precise, is energetically super charged and an effortless expression of your unfiltered and unapologetic truth.

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