… because YOU long for magic

It had become…

Just another post to write.

Just another person to reach out to.

Just another program to promote.

Just another sale to make.

“I feel so uninspired,” said client 1, “even if I love my work.“

“I feel so frustrated,” said client 2, “but I don’t know about what.”

And *I* didn’t write a post for two months because nothing was coming to me.

Even though all three of us loved our work and our clients, something was missing.

What we all felt keenly, but unknowingly, was our Genius codes calling, wanting to come out and play and to create new magic. Our OWN new magic.

I found myself loving to help my clients with alchemizing their shadows but unknowingly crying out for my OWN magic at the same time.

It’s what happened with my two clients as well; they still loved their work and THEIR own magic was calling them too.

When I heeded the call of my Dark Genius, the MetaMystique signature frequency, everything changed. I started activating my clients’ Genius and magic with immediate results.

Client 1 not only got her inspiration back but a whole new power and presence made itself known to her that has made her work a hundred times more potent.

Frustration ended for client 2 when I channeled her Genius for her, and her vision expanded far beyond what she’d ever imagined. She found it exciting and just a tad scary.

And I, I have been more inspired to do livestreams and posts than I have since early August.

Why does this matter?

It matters because money loves magic.

But even more, it matters because YOU long for magic.

YOU want to experience more magic for yourself and YOU want to create even more magical and powerful experiences for your clients (which is what happens when your Genius codes are activated).

When your heart’s desire is a money-rich AND magic-rich business, step through the portal into my world, where you’ll alchemize shadows, learn energy mastery, activate your Genius codes, and experience money magic.

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