What a Knee Injury Can Teach About Success

I injured my knee really bad back in January.

Now I want find me someone to help me recover the last bit and I want a physical therapist who specializes in knee injuries.

I’m telling you this not to ask you to recommend me one (unless it’s Florence, Italy) but to illustrate something that prevents far too many healers and soulpreneurs from growing their businessto being insanely successful, and that is the need for specialization.

There are several catch phrases coined by the business and marketing industries, that are also true for healers: ‘The riches are in the niches’ and ‘if you try to help everyone with everything you end up helping no one with nothing’. Even twenty years ago it wasn’t necessary but in today’s world, if you want to grow your business beyond a certain point — that point, by the way, being unique to each healer — it is necessary to specialize. We live in the age of specialization.

Choosing what to specialize in is one of the hardest things for healers and soulpreneurs to decide. What people with which problems you’ll focus on. Because you know, you’ve seen with your clients that you can in fact help almost anyone with almost everything.

And because you care so deeply about helping people, it’s difficult to let go of all the others after you’ve chosen your field of specialization.

It’ll probably feel like abandoning them to more suffering (bad person, you!).

Which makes you feel guilty (who am I to refuse help?).

So you take them on anyway — aka codepending with them — and sabotage growing your healing business.

Which you are welcome to do if that is what you want and is happy with ;).

But if it doesn’t make you happy, choose your area of specializing and become the go-to-expert for everyone with that problem.

Like my hypothetical physical therapist who specializes in knees: I guarantee you she is the sought after expert by everyone with a knee injury and has an insanely successful business.

Or me, choosing to be a business and success coach for ambitious healers (of all kinds) because I was one for 28 years myself and because I care about healers and their work, because I think it is so important, because I understand deeply what is going on inside a healer when it comes to building a successful business and because by midwife-ing successful healers I can do much more to make the world a better place.

choose to be the go-to-expert for all ambitious healers and soulpreneurs who wants to take their business to the next level.

So that’s how you’ll grow your healing and soulpreneurial business:

You choose.

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