Become a Millionaire Mystic


... And never the twain, mystics and money, shall meet.

Or so it has been for far too long. 

Let's change it. 

Welcome to the world of MetaMystique

Where millionaires become mystics and mystics become millionaires. 

It's a world where mystics and wealth meet, not in perfect harmony but in a wild magical dance of your divine Giant Genius, your most powerful magic and the creation of your dragon business and wealth. 

You'll step through the portal of our live programs and retreats to turn your back on 'normal human' business practices and instead devote yourself to your exact giant divine Genius Magic, the pure streaming of your divine purpose into a potent, mystical, magical business.

Your truly unimaginable life awaits you. 

Making money is supposed to be as easy as a gentle stroll on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon. 

If - IF - you devote yourself to your exact Genius Magic, you never have to 'make anything happen' anymore.

Wealth of all kinds will find you.  


** FREE **

Watch this groundbreaking video on a better way to create business success, a way that breaks every single paradigm and belief on what it takes. Where everything will come to you all by itself, including clients, money, and opportunities. 


This September, I'm leading a weeklong Genius Magic retreat in the hills of Italy. It's a week out of time with visits to powerful places of mystical activations. Who knows who'll you'll become as a result?

I became a dragon and this business was awakened in me. 


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